The Mutant Enderman is a towering, intelligent being of death and fear. It's more common attacks are mainly meant to distract you as it whoops you with it's heavier attacks. Mutant Endermen also have full control of the astral plane that they use so often to teleport themselves, their foes, and summon clones and screams.

Attacks Edit

Forced look: the mutant enderman is neutral if you don't stare at it first (or if you aren't wearing a pumpkin or just in the wrong place at the wrong time). Once you even so much a glaze you eyes over it's eyes, it'll pull you into a state of blindness.

Melee attack: the mutant enderman can smack you with one of his four arms, so long as they're free. Inner arms do 8 damage, while the outer arms do 10.

Block Throw: the mutant enderman can use telekinesis to pull up and toss blocks at his enemies. Direct hits deal 6 damage, while glazing blows only deal 2-4.

Teleport: the mutant enderman's teleport damages nearby entities, and on occasion blinds them. Unlike endermen, mutant endermen can't predict projectiles as easily, and thus can be hit with arrows. If they do teleport, the projectile will deal no damage.

Telesmash: the mutant enderman will clap all four of his hands on you in a big bear hug, and teleport you about 10 blocks up. This deals enormous damage to you due to the fall, and makes you nauseous.

Scream: a powerful, heavy attack that's usually done in the rain, the mutant enderman's scream, at the least, deal 4 armor piercing damage, At the worst, it can kill you is seconds due to the enormous number of bad effects that can be applied to you.

Clone tactic:to confuse you, the mutant enderman can split his soul into 9 clones, distracting you as the real one drains you health and heals itself. To break this move, you either need to hit all the clones (which disappear upon being hit), or hit the real mutant enderman.

Death Edit

When the mutant enderman reaches 0, it begins to float as it's soul, now unbound, begins to rupture and tear the mutant enderman's body from the inside out. If you want the Ender Soul Hand, run into the maelstrom and continuously right click the soul fragments. Once it's over and you have a sizeable number following you, drop an eye of ender on the ground to receive your well earned reward.

Trivia Edit

  • The Mutant Enderman is the Only Mutant Mob that takes Fall Damage.