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The Mutant Creatures Mod adds in a large variety of mobs that are stronger, more powerful, and bigger that smash anything in their path.

The Mutant Beasts Mod adds the same powerful Mobs to 1.12 and later versions of the game.


Mutant Beasts Downloads:

Page - Download

1.16.1 (latest) - Download

Mutant Skeleton

1.15.2 - Download

1.14.4 - Download

1.12.2 - Download

Mutant Creature Downloads:

1.7.10 (Latest) - Download

1.7.2 - Download

Mutant Snowgolem

1.6.4 - Download

1.6.2 - Download

1.5.2 - Download

Mutant Zombies

Mutant BrouniZak

Fun Fact: Minecraft is 1024001024000 cubed km or 1.024 Trillion cubed km
Mutant Enderman
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