EnderSoulhand, its a item that drop from the mutant enderman.To get it you need to kill a mutant enderman. Then, when he do the Final attack, just spamming right click to the purple soul that he spreading it. After doing it, you will see some purple soul is following around you.You just drop a eye of ender to get it. But usually its durability is not full (Depends on the soul you collected.1:very low, 2~3:low, 4:Medium, 5:high, over 6: very high or full). to repair it, you need to kill another one and grab the soul as more as you can.Then, drop your old soulhand instad of eye of ender to repair it.


The soulhand has three diffrent usage, first is attack like a sword.It takes over 6 damage by this attack. Second is teleport, this can teleport anywhere by using Crouch+Right Click.And finally, you can grab blocks and throw it by using right click.


  1. It Possible to grab two blocks at a time. To do this, you need to grab a block outside the room and go into the room grab another one.
  2. Sometimes Shift and right click to a furnace can teleports and grab the furnace at the same time.